Health & safety

Health, Safety and Insurance information for Your Sonsie Face

Your Sonsie Face only uses good quality professional face paints that are FDA and EU approved and the glitters we use are for cosmetic use. Our paints are specifically designed for face painting and the brands that we use mostly are Snazaroo, Grimas, Kryolan and Paradise.

We practice good hygiene and use only one clean sponge per face (always washed at 95 degrees) and brushes are rinsed thoroughly in clean water which is changed frequently between faces.

We cannot paint anyone who is unwell or with a visible skin condition or disease, for example, Chicken Pox, Conjunctivitis, Cuts, Cold Sores or Eczema. If you believe that someone may have very sensitive skin, we can do a patch test prior to painting a face. We will, however, not be liable for any adverse reaction to paints.

Please do present your child with a clean face and please also stay with your child while they are being painted. We will not paint any child against their wishes. Please do not force your child to be painted if they really are unsure or if they decide at any point that they no longer wish to be painted. The whole experience should be fun! We cannot paint unaccompanied children. 

For private parties, we will assume that parental consent has been obtained for all the children unless stated otherwise by the host of the party. 

Face paints are recommended for use on children aged three and above. We will not paint full faces on children under 3 but may, at our discretion, paint a small design on the arm at the parents own risk. 


Removal of paint can be done using water, mild soap and a clean flannel. Baby shampoo is also excellent for removing paints from the face. It is not recommended that baby wipes are used as this may cause the skin to become irritated. Also, some paints will leave a tinge to the skin which will usually fade within a day or so, namely Red, Green and Blue. We take every precaution not to get any paints on clothes but should a stain occur we recommend removing by soaking in cold water and using soap thereafter (we cannot be held liable for any stains that cannot be removed).

We hold Public Liability Insurance and have Enhanced Disclosure.

Susan is a member of FACE, The Face Painting Association (Member 385). You know when booking a Face Painter who is a member of FACE that they have been tested on quality, speed and hygiene. You can be rest assured that they only use professional face paints and are insured for public liability. They follow a code of practice set out by FACE. The aim of FACE is to promote face painting as a safe and professional activity and to raise and maintain a standard of face painting ensuring correct training and use of safe products and techniques.